Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A second "St. Michaels in Ghana" trip is in the works!

5 St. Michael's students will be making the journey to the Dagbe Cultural Institute and Arts Center this coming May (2015) to study the music, dance, song, and other traditional forms of art and expression.  We are lucky to have an SMC Alumni, Brian Dukehart, as our co-leader this year, who brings knowledge of both undergraduate college life and concerns and an established relationship with the Dagbe staff and personnel from his own multiple trips in past years.

Our initial trip was supposed to go during the winter break between fall and spring semesters this past year, but concerns about the Ebola outbreaks further out in West Africa (not in Ghana or in any neighboring countries, thankfully!) called for a delay of our trip.  The students had much of their heart and emotion put into this journey, so it is with great pleasure that we are able to make this happen regardless of the hiccup in our dates of travel.

We have less time to fundraise due to this delay but we are trying hard to defray our costs with three endeavors:

1. We will be helping to perform Ghanaian and other African Diasporic music and dance on Thursday, April 23rd, 7:30pm on campus at the Dion Student Center Event Room (3rd Floor).  Please come, join in the fun, and if you feel called to make a donation, we'd be grateful!

2. Students will be organizing a 50/50 raffle by manning a table in the student center on select days and times.  To enter without needing to go to a table in person, contact one of us directly!

3. We will be pre-selling a limited amount of Ghanaian cloths (2-yard sections as worn in festivals and ceremonies in the Volta Region) and beads.  If interested, contact trip leader Josselyne Price for information.

Specifics will be updated soon, and students will introduce themselves.  Please share the blog!

Thank you for all of your support.

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