Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fundraising success

The fundraising dinner went great! We raised $1000 and had a great time eating groundnut soup, goat kebabs, fried plantains, rice, and yam balls. The evening ended with some music by Akoma, and a Ghanaian circle dance called Gahu. Many thanks to the folks who donated time, effort, financial contributions, and other means of support:

Meghan Kerrigan, for her kind and selfless support throughout our dinner planning and evening
Maggie Downs-Angus
Jackie Murphy
Peggy Imai
Ray and Laurie Clemente
Joan and Steve Wry
Dave and Karen Lyon
Margot Smith
Constance Dean
Will Marquess
Buff Lindau
the folks from the M.O.V.E. office for helping us cook!
Tom Keefe for more cooking help
setup, maintenance, and breakdown assistance from the MU359A class
Akoma drummers

Food donations:
Shaw's supermarkets in Middlebury, Vergennes, Colchester, and Winooski
Price Chopper, South Burlington VT
Greg's Market, Middlebury VT
Shelburne Meat Market, Shelburne VT
Ledge Hill Farms, Weybridge VT
Middlebury Discount Beverage (Joe Controneo)

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