Monday, June 1, 2015

Adjusting back to America

Life since being home feels a little weird. Here, everything is bigger and much more fast. It can be slightly overwhelming.

Shortly after coming home, I went to a country music concert at which three big names in the country music world performed. It was different to see everyone do everything in unison like robots. In my head, the only thing I was comparing it to was a Ghanaian funeral which at the moment was a weird image because the two things are so different.

It is weird to see people driving here. Being from the Boston area, I had been accustomed to the driving the rest of the country hates so much before we left for Ghana but some people's driving still had scared me slightly. Since coming home, everyone's driving seems so calm and reasonable even though it has not changed at all.

While I was in Ghana, I happened to step on a sea urchin so walking around has been.... interesting lately. However, after going to the doctor's today, we have began to take it out, a process that will be continued at a later date. I am very thankful that only the larger pieces need to be taken out and that I will be able to walk normally again soon.

I think one of the hardest parts of being home is that people keep asking me how Africa was and if I saw any safari animals as if that is all the continent of Africa has to offer and the only reason a person would possibly travel there. After they ask their questions though, the people zone making it hard to educate them with your answers.

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