Saturday, January 9, 2010


We are coming into the final stretch!! I can't believe three weeks has already gone by. Time at the Dagbe center seemed to fly since lessons four hours a day really kept us goin! Our final performance at Kopeyia was great; it gave us a chance to show what we had learned and how hard we had worked! I miss the Volta region and it's quiet friendly atmosphere. After morning lesson we could just go for a walk down the street to explore another village, go for a run to the internet cafe(boy did got a lot of weird looks! Ha!), or nap with our Ewe friends under the gazebo.

After saying a sad good bye we hopped in a van down another bumpy road to the bus station. As Ghana would have it the bus wasn't ready. We were a bit hungry and went searching for something to eat at a local stand. It was then that it happened...I have never been so excited to see CHEESE, yes, laughing cow cheese!!! It was a thin slice of heaven. It's always fun talking about what foods we are missing the most- guess I can cross that off my list! A root beer float has been another top! Eventually we arrived in Kumasi. It was quite a change from what we had been used to - I'm sure everyone would agree. I enjoyed going to Koo Nimo's home, a musician specializing in palm wine music. We learned an Ashanti dance and song. The difference in style whether it was song, dance or drumming was definitely recognizable.

I think that the biggest shock at the home stays was at meal time. I never once ate with my family. I believe it was a common theme in other homes. I was always served first and sat alone. It gave me a chance to reflect on my day and appreciate the food that was prepared, however, I would have much rather engaged in converstation with the family and avoided any 'special' treatment. Trying to get a taxi around the city was a lot of fun. The Ashanti were always willing to help. One ride home I jumped in between three different cabs (each going a different way than I needed to). The drivers simply honked at other taxis and passed me off, thank goodness!! The traffic was usually pretty bad - hence whenever someone asks "what time are we going?" or "what time are they going to be here?".....we have a saying.."Ghana:05"!!

Currently, we are in the central region of Ghana enjoying the coastal breeze! We toured Elmina slave castle yesterday. It was amazing to stand in the chambers where so many died. Elmina is a fishing town and from the top of the castle you can see rows of fishing boats. The boats along with the people in the town are so bright and colorful. It has been one of my favorite views so far. We also bought fresh pineapples right on the beach for 20 pesewas (about 15 cents)! The women cut and peeled it right there for us! Can't beat fresh fruit! Speaking of which I think I am going to go find some and spend the rest of the day on the beach!!

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