Thursday, January 7, 2010

Owooo Ghana....

Hi everyone,
so we celebrated New Years, and apparently in this country, they make a wish coming into the new year, and say a lot of prayers. We came into the new year and then had our performance. Our Performance was interesting. We then transition from ewe Volta region to the Ashanti Twi region. Its interesting to me to learn two languages from one country. We ended up doing home stay with really cool people. My family is Muslim, that was really interesting to experience for me because not only was it a different culture, but also a different religion because i'm Catholic. I realized that in the Volta region kids were much more nicer but there was more people coming up to me trying to be my friend in the Ashanti region. I lived with a family who was really nice and i happened to watch a lot of African Tv there. It was an interesting experience for me to live with another family for a couple of days for the first time. Now we are in the region of Cape Coast where people here speak Fanti similar to Twi. Tomorrow we are going to visit the Cape Coast slave castle, i'm not sure what to expect but i know that it will be very powerful to me. People that i met over here in Ghana have been really nice to me, they all want to get to know my name and its just been different. Well i hope everyone is enjoying their vacations, talk to you soon,

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