Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home again... it's cold here.

Hello all,

We are back in Vermont, safe and sound after a looong day of travel.

Hope you've been enjoying the blog posts to date. The students will be posting a bit once they've settled into their semester a bit - quite a shock, switching from a slower, introspective 90 degree Ghanaian reality to Vermont in the winter - and, after arriving at 10pm into BVT last night, they all have classes and sports practices that started as early as 6am this morning. Once again I'm amazed at their resilience...

MANY photos will be posted here shortly, and many more along with video and audio will be on display during the spring semester at our annual spring concert. We have so much to share!

Thank you for staying with us during our trip and I hope you enjoy the images that get posted here... probably over the weekend.


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