Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goat. It's what's for dinner.

With fufu and groundnut soup... yummm! Danielle, Brian, Sean and I just finished our lunch at a chop bar, where we spent about $2.60 for lunch for the four of us - the goat meat was amazing.

So we're in Cape Coast now, and it's quite a change from Kumasi. Each place we've visited has been incredibly distinct, and has offered different insights and challenges. I remain proud of the students for their flexibility and for being able to adapt to new situations with grace.

We toured Kakum national park today, walking on the rope bridges from tree to tree, VERY high up. I could spend a lot more time there, and hopefully will go back someday for some intensive birding.

The rest of today is relaxed, and tomorrow at some point we'll head to Accra, our last stop before returning home. Need to find a way to pack all the drums and other things we purchased... yikes!!! And laundry is in order, because if I don't get a clean outfit for the plane, I pity the person next to me....

Ok folks, see you soon....

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