Saturday, January 9, 2010

So now we've reached Cape Coast...

and the transition from immersion to tourism was a slow one. Living with a family of Jehovah's Witnesses in Kumasi after the two happiest weeks of my life in Kumasi was a quick and frightening transition, one that even now, having been able to get away from that, I'm still struggling into seeing, rather than living, in a culture. Earlier today (after a day of insane STC traveling) we made our way to the KaKum Rainforest, walking along rope bridges trying to hear the sounds of nature over the din of a herd of height-scared Ghanaians that accompanied us on the tour. It's a big change from learning-by-doing to learning-by-seeing-and-hearing, but the former really doesn't lend itself to learning about the slave history of this coastal town.
I'm finding that my love for the food here is growing on me. sitting around a bowl of groundnut stew with fufu and goat meat (skin still attached) with Joss, Danielle, and Sean felt like a gourmet feast after about a week of various rice forms and fried chicken.interesting to that this might only add to the culture shock that'll hit in four days when we get off the plane in JFK.

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