Saturday, January 9, 2010


After spending around 20 hours on STC buses and trotros in the past two days, I am very happy to be here, right next to the beach, in Cape Coast. Our time in Kumasi was quite intense for a lot of us. When your in the moment sometimes it becomes very hard to fully comprehend everything that is going on. Leaving the quiet and laid back Volta region and going into Kumasi, which is a busy city, turned out to be quite a shock for me and some others group members. I was trying to let the Dagbe seed grow and it was a little tough in such a new and different surrounding. After a day or two of adjusting to the city life, I started to really feel at home with my family and i was able to get some great conversations and experiences out of the stay. One day, two of my brothers told me that I have to see where my meals are coming from. So was started the day watching a chicken assassination and then watching fufu get pounded for hours. At the end of the day I ate the food and realized how little I know about where all the food I eat comes from in the US. It was a great experienced!

-Sean V

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  1. So good to hear from you all. Seeing all you are experiencing through your writings has been wonderful. Safe travels home.