Friday, May 22, 2015

A day both exciting and mellow

Today started with an hour long dance class, as opposed to our usual 2 hours. None the less, after it was over, I was probably the sweatiest I've ever been in my entire life. We ran through the two peices we will be performing for the village on Monday afternoon and they both look pretty solid.

After that we were told to rest, because we had a big afternoon ahead of us. I took the opportunity to do some laundry. At Dagbe, we do laundry the old fashioned way, by filling up a bucket soaping up the water and rubbing our clothes between our hands. Although washing clothes by hand is something a lot of Americans cringe just thinking about, it can be very relaxing. Today, when I was just rubbing down one of my dirty socks, all alone in the back of the center, nowhere to be and in no hury to do anything, I felt about as calm and relaxed as I have this entire trip. And now I have clean things to wear!

Starting at around 1 we went to our second funeral. But this funeral was special. Joss' Mom died a couple of years ago and she never got a funeral. Joss thought that giving her an Ewe funeral would be a great way of rectifying that. With the help of the Kopeyai cheif and a local preist, Mary's soul was layed to rest today along with the anscestors of a local family. Like all Ewe funerals, it was a blast. Unlike in the US, where going to a funeral can seem like an onerous obligation, here everyone loves a good funeral, and there's an open invitation to anyone who wants to show up. There was some amazing music by the Kinka society, lots of dancing and revalry, and even a surprise apperance from the school brass band.

We all danced our butts off and were all happy to come back to rice with beef and red sauce with orange slices. Now we all plan on a nice quiet night of Uno playing.

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