Monday, May 25, 2015

Final Thoughts

Hey so this is Jess not Ben.

Unfortunately tomorrow morning we will be departing from Dagbe. We have made some good friends and memories here and it is a really bittersweet close to a great almost two weeks.

Today we presented to the village of Kopeyia what we have learned here. I participated in three dances, one of which is a social dance and occurs everywhere you go. Tonight we had a feast with the staff members and it was amazing to be able to interact with them a bit longer.

Wrapping things up was hard but it was interesting to see how much learning you can fit into a very short time. Not only the short amount of time that we have been here but today itself. I was taught how to weave kente with multple colors horizontally today whereas previously I could omly weave one string at a time.

Something I find very interesting about here is that although the children are children, they are also very muture in a few ways and given a lot of responsibility that Americans do not give their children. The atmosphere here is much more relaxed, trusting, and friendly than that in America. It will be insanely hard to adjust back to a very fast-pased and anti-social lifestyle that we go by in America.

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