Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nightlife in Ghana

Hello All! Meaghan here, not Ben :)

Settling into life in Ghana has been surprsisingly easy, although very hot and humid compared to the weather we left in the States. The lessons have been pushing me, but I have felt myself grow more comfortable listening to the teachers and picking up the rhythms with more ease each day. It is easy to grow intimidated by the talent and skill each teacher has, but we could not have a kinder group teaching and helping us.

We have grown a tradition of sorts to spend our post-dinner evening time at local "spots", or places to hang out and enjoy a soda or just relax with friends. Last night, we encouraged some of our teachers who are our age to join us, and hilarity quickly ensued. We had one point where we had to go around the circle giving our best goat impressions, later followed by turkey impressions (both animals are found incredibly close to Dagbe, to the dismay of a few members of our group who wake up at all hours to their calls). A few members of our group left the spot, but those who stayed also got to show some American dance classics to our Ghanaian friends: the Cotten Eyed Joe, a few disco basics and the likes. Our teachers were sadly not impressed (what a shock!), but all had a great time. The experience of hanging out outside of classes and the Center made our lessons today much more relaxed and enjoyable, and I have a feeling that these friendships and relationships will continue to blossom.

I am sure we will have more great stories to tell in no time! For now, I will sign off and join the others at the spot :)

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