Thursday, May 14, 2015

So I am Jess and I am a Studio Art and Art Education double major and
am going into my sophomore year at St. Mike’s.
It is our second full day in Ghana and unfortunately, it is coming to
an end. We took a trip to our compound, inside the Kopeyia village,
late at night when we arrived. It was weird to see how the taxis in
the capital looked like pieced together cars from scraps. Also, it was
weird to see that driving seems like a lawless ordeal. People casually
drove on the wrong side of the road to get over speed bumps simply
because the speed bump was more worn down on the other side. The
military and police stopped us multiple times on our journey but not
due to suspicious activity but rather just a normal police stop that
everyone had to go through.
Upon arriving, we slept a lot. When we woke, we were greeted by a
delicious meal which was followed by mandatory dance lessons. Each day
we have breakfast at 8am, dance lessons from 9am to 11am followed by
lunch at 12pm. Our next scheduled activity is at 4pm to 6pm which is a
lesson of our choosing followed by dinner at 6pm. We can do whatever
we choose with our free time, such as roam the village or take extra
So far I have taken two dance classes, a drumming class and a basket
weaving class. Much to my surprise, basket weaving is much easier than
I would have expected.
I am much enjoying here as I am sure everyone else is but it can be
hard to become accustomed to the heat, the noise, and the storms.
There was a really loud storm that kept the majority of our group up
last night.
Although it has only been two days and I much enjoy it here, I am
looking forward to the trip home. Hope you all are having fun in
America and I will see you all soon.

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