Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Introduction - Nate

Hey y'all,

I'm Nate. I'm a rising senior here at St. Mikes with a Music major and Business minor. I'm from that part of Massachusetts people forget about (yes, western Mass is a thing.) More specifically I'm from Adams (this is Northern Berkshire County which means a part of western Mass that people forget about even more.) My first experience with Joss was when I took her music ensemble for non-majors course (yes, I'm aware I'm a Music major) and have continued onto being a part of the Akoma ensemble.

I'm very excited about going on this trip for a lot of reasons. When I first attended the meeting last year I had recently switched my major to Music and was riding high on taking my life into my hands. Initially, I had planned to take a semester abroad during Fall 2014 but decided to withdraw my application in order to attend this trip that was far more interesting and valuable to my major. When the trip was initially cancelled I was determined to work as hard as possible to make going to Ghana a reality. After all of the sacrifice I am ready to take off in less than a week!

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