Monday, December 21, 2009

finally here

So far I feel like i've been here for weeks.  The people here are so friendly and welcoming, they make me feel at home.  Getting here was tiresome but it is totally worth it, ive made a lot of friends in Kopeyia.  My most memorable time since I've been here has been at the beach.  Emmauel took us to see his 10 acre farm located right by the beach.  he grows chili peppers and other crops that i forgot the names of, but mostly peppers.  There we were treated to fresh coconuts and papaya.  After the coconuts we went down to the beach where i was promised to be able to swim out to a mango tree to get some fresh mangos.  i didnt see any trees out in the water so i asked him where it was and he pointed to the ocean and said, "you just have to swim a little further and you will see it"  what a jokester.  We didnt have any mangos but we had a lot of laughs.  Im having a great time

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