Thursday, December 17, 2009

Predepature flight to New York City on the way to Ghana

Today was like any other day but it wasn't really ordinary. My plane to New York City was late and not only that, i would have almost missed this trip had it not been for the fact that i had my schedule of events with me and i had told the flight people, i had to meet you guys at one. It was bad, we waited for a hour and a half on flight 27 and then we found out that the brakes were frozen, so we had to go and either go to a hotel or wait for another plane, i was lucky. I got the chance to wait for another plane, and now I'm home after a little while. I am feeling so many emotions now, and after this experience i have a new outtake on life, i hope everything will go okay for us, and thanks for following us.....

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