Friday, December 25, 2009

merry x-mas!

Its almost been one week since we showed up here in Kopeyia and it feels like we've been here a month. Im really starting to get the feel of Ghana and am understanding their way of life. Yesterday we traveled to Ho where we saw a borborbor performance troop. It was fun to travel outside of Kopeyia and see more of the country. The performance troop incouraged us to play and dance with them, it was a real experience. I liked Ho, I wish we could have spent more time there, but It was about a two hour drive back to Kopeyia, so we were in and out. This morning we went down to the market to buy some food that we needed for making dinner tonight. We are treating our cooks to a christmas dinner tonight. We thought it would be a nice gift for cooking for us every day. I heard tonight is a big party night so I think I'll head down to the beach tonight and go to a bar for some live music and drinks.
Ive been taking a lot of good photos and have gotten some nice shots so far. Photography is kinda my thing so Im hoping to make some kind of photo story book of my entire experience and travel here.

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  1. Hey Ty,
    Merry Christmas!!
    Sounds like you have adjusted well and are having a wonderful experience. We have a white Christmas (you got out just in time!)
    Santa missed you at Aunt Lynda's last night, as well as everyone else. your cousin's were waiting for you downstairs at the bar.
    Mimi & Papa's Christmas today.
    Learning the Ewe language? Make lots of notes in your journal and have your new found friends write/draw in it too. We love & miss you, Mom, Dad, Zack, Basil & Emma