Thursday, December 24, 2009

santa's big red coat wouldn't bode him well here

It's December 24, just a regular Thursday here; were we in the US, the stockings would be hung, children scampering about more than usual, radio's everywhere would be blaring the most god-awful music from every direction as mothers run about the supermarket fighting over the last can of Bisquick. Though my families tradition isn't quite as hectic as this, the lax atmosphere here makes that scene seem like the apocalypse. subtract 65 degrees and we may indeed dream of waking to a White Christmas tonight, but the prospect of an all night Gahu dance here in the village seems like just as good of a thought...
I've never learned as much in this short of a time, less than a week in and we're over halfway through a completely new piece, Togo-Atcha, and spending our nights with Wisdom pounding out Borborbor rhythms one at a time. Visiting Ho yesterday, a town about two hours northwest of our new home, gave us a sight of the countryside and one of Ghana's larger cities. Watching villages flash by in the backdrop of a fiery setting sun punctuates the beauty of this region. Even the car horns, which get used quite often here, don't carry the aggression that they possess in the states.

Hope you're all enjoying Christmas,

P.S. Judju, hope you're doing well (and havn't driven the family too crazy yet, I still need to have some fun with them when I get back).


  1. Hey Bri!
    Merry Christmas to you - I'm glad you're enjoying your experience! Take lots of pix and come to visit your Two Bad Aunts when you get back!!!! Love and kisses... Aunt Duke

  2. Hi Brian,

    Happy New Year! It was much more fun putting up the tree lights with you than taking them down with Sam. It's been real cold and expecting another 6-10 inches of snow tomorrow thru Monday AM. Good thing Judju is still here with us. Lost power for 7 hours too this week. Wishing you many adventures in the New Year. Hope all is well.

  3. brian-i love that this is posted @ 5am and you probably had already been up for an hour before then--it seems like you're really enjoying it and of course taking so much away from it that we've been talking about. keep living it up : ) try fresh coconut milk before you leave! -meg kerrigan