Monday, December 21, 2009


so i guess wh're here now, the dust is setteling in after one hell of a bumpy flight and an even bumpier drive across pothole-ridden streets and roads, it is wornerful i must say. imaging getting a back massage as you fly between pedestrians and trucks laden 20 feet high with widgets, doo-dads, and whatchmacallits... that was the introduction to Ghana.
living in Kopeyia: sot aroun a gazebo filled with drums that sound as happy as the people around us drinking as much water as you can to sustain yourself in the humid heat. watch lizards scamper about with children, bobing their heads to the music and keeping cool in the shade. welcome to a place where you ask the time and the best responses are "afternoon...ish." welcome to a new place, welcome to a home.

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