Friday, December 25, 2009

words cannot describe

Today is our seventh day in Ghana, and I feel like I have been here for ages. Kopeyia is the village that we are staying in and it is so wonderful, there is such a strong sense of community and connection among the inhabitants, it is like one big family, which I love. We are staying in what is called the cultural center, which has far exceeded my expectations. They have made it very comfortable for us, we have real toilets and showers and nice comfortable beds with fans in all the rooms. I never expected all of this considering that a few years ago they didn't have electricity at all, but it is very nice. Every day we have two, two hours lessons, in the morning we learn African dancing and in the afternoon we learn drumming and all the other instruments. The lessons are really tough, the teachers really expect a lot of us, but I am learning so much and improving every day. I always thought I was totally tone deaf but I know that isn't true, because I am starting to get it, it just takes me a little longer. The teachers here are so patient and kind and they are helping me so much. Aside from the lessons I have been learning so much from our Ewe friends from the village. I have started a "language exchange" with a boy from the village named Jackson. He prepares lessons for me and then spontaneously quizzes me,  the language is very difficult so I am really glad to have his help. Even though most people here speak some English I think that it is so important to make an effort to learn the local language, and I think the people here really respect our effort to learn (even though I have only retained a few phrases so far).  Every day there is so much to see and do and so many wonderful people to talk with, I love it here and am so grateful for this amazing once in a lifetime  opportunity.  

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  1. Hi Katie,

    We are just now reading this message as your Blog Master Mom couldn't figure out how to access the new postings. Merry Christmas... we were thinking of you all day!

    You aren't missing much in the way of skiing-- it rained all night and none of it was snow... even on the top of Madonna. The temperature is supposed to drop tomorrow, so at least they'll be able to make snow. Dad is not too happy about this early January thaw!

    Enjoy the sunshine in Ghana... we haven't seen the sun in ages!

    Much love from all of us--Mom, Dad, Heather, Erin (and Stanley, who misses his runs with you!)